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About Hatzolah of Boro Park

A siren-blaring, lights-glaring Hatzolah ambulance whizzes by.
What are you thinking?

About the victim and THEIR family - how they're hoping that the ambulance, their salvation, should be there already...

About the Hatzolah member - how he disrupted a business meeting, interrupted his sleep, left a family simcha, to rush who-knows-where, to help a fellow friend?

About yourself - how you wish that you, too, can be zoche to merit the special zechus of saving lives?

Here's what we're thinking about:

  • The astronomical costs of ambulances to purchase, outfit, and continuously upgrade.
  • The garages to house these ambulances and equipment.
  • The training sessions and ongoing Halachah shiurim for members.
  • The equipment to purchase and maintain.
  • The insurance to cover Hatzolah's activities.
  • The dispatcher sites to equip to ensure that all calls can be responded to...

And then the things that no money can buy...

  • The hours and hours Hatzolah members spend with patients on calls and in the Emergency Room.
  • The tremendous emotional toll the lifesaving work takes on a Hatzolah member...
  • The relief a parent feels when in the midst of crisis, a face of calm shows up, taking charge of the emergency with utmost compassion and expertise...
  • The peace of mind that every single Boro Park resident has, knowing that a veritable army of yungerleit are just a few seconds away at any given moment of the day or night...

Indeed, there are some things money cannot buy. Ahavas Yisrael, devotion, expertise, professionalism on Hatzolah's end are some of them. Peace of mind, trust and confidence on your end are others.

Show your appreciation for all of these things. Show the Hatzolah members that you are there for them, because they are always, always, always, there for you. It is your chizuk and financial support that gives Hatzolah the strength and the ability to continue their Avodas Hakodesh. Be there for Hatzolah. Because Hatzolah is always there for you.