We live
to save lives

Hatzolah of Boro Park responds to 17,000
calls anually, for instant emergency response

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Faster than

While the national average response time is 6 minutes, Hatzolah’s 90-second average means we are quicker to the scene and more effective to the rescue

Faster than tragedy

than traffic

Our four garages are strategically situated for rapid response and access, and to circumnavigate traffic

Smarter than traffic

than outsiders

Hatzolah is from the community, for the community. We value the cultural sensitivities of emergency situations, and innately protect dignities and identities from response through recovery

Warmer than outsiders

When life is in question
Hatzolah is the answer

As a community-focused volunteer ambulance organization, our name is synonymous with response. Hatzolah always answers the call, responds to the scene of emergency, and sees after the physical and familial needs of those in our care. It is not a job of glory, but a duty of compassion and a mission of life.

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