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Saving lives
at full speed

Hatzolah of Boro Park responds
to over 17,000 calls annually
for instant emergency response

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The life of
the community

Hatzolah of Boro Park is the nation's finest emergency response organization. Across volunteer, for-profit, nonprofit, and municipal response teams, we hold the national record for response speed to any point in our territories.

Driven by a sense of community as much as by a mission to save lives, our volunteers are reared on a spirit of compassionate care. We aim to assist without invading, preserving the dignity and respect of patient, family and neighborhood.

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Four strategic outposts

What it takes to give it all

10 tech-fortified

At a cost of over $200,000 post equipping, each ambulance is a self-contained urgent care clinic with the latest word in lifesaving technologies and protocols

2 first-response
mobile units

These crisis-ready fortresses canvas community streets all night every night, forever at the ready for expedited response without nighttime delay

24/7 split-second

200+ skilled
volunteer EMTs

Every last one of our devoted members dedicates their time and energy free of any compensation, serving in the roles of EMT, paramedic, PA or physician

Non-stop education
and training

We never stop improving, insisting on constant training, Continuing Medical Education and close collaboration with other emergency and healthcare teams


Your emegency is our plan


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